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CentraLogic is a dynamic IT Services company with core objective of delivering value to the customers. We bring the benefits of Paas (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) to our customers.

The benefits of PaaS and SaaS are multifold when delivered based on Cloud. In a very short timeframe, we have developed platforms for Travel, Education, Medical industry and few generic cross industry frameworks for Microsoft Azure.

Our growing set of reusable frameworks and platforms are helping organisations become more agile and cost efficient.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus

Our customers turn to us in some of their most difficult moments, so being easy to work with is one of our highest priorities. We listen deeply to customer concerns to understand customer needs and strive to improve the experience with CentraLogic.



We’ve worked hard to establish a reputation for quality. We are committed to maintaining, supporting, checking and improving our systems to exceed the quality standards demanded by our clients.

Proven and Emerging

Proven and Emerging

Our deep understanding has allowed us to develop processes and toolsets that help ensure efficient products for our clients. Our trends analysis and market expertise keep us at the cutting edge of innovation and keep you ahead of the competition.

Without our clients, our work would have no meaning


We couple our technology expertise with proven software engineering processes, best-in-class application development services to ensure that each solution we develop perfectly aligns with your business requirements.

Our strategic consulting results in tactical, actionable plans that enable you to reduce costs, tighten processes, and improve performance without disrupting internal operations or frustrating your customers.

CentraLogic provides you with a creative approach with the provision of an extensive set of services and methodologies. Through the combined efforts of the Creative Services Team, our work excels in user functionality.

CentraLogic provides the highest quality security services. We will deliver personal, professional and responsive service that maximizes value for clients and respects interests of all those who have chosen to work with us.

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