Agile Development

Whether you need to create a small pilot project or new enterprise system, our Agile developers are ready to help.


One of the best ways to adapt quickly to change in IT is to adopt the principles of Agile development. By doing so, organizations can remain competitive and rein in costs.

CentraLogic leverages the value of Agile in a structure of methodologies, formal roles and reporting controls to assure that our clients are aware of project progress, their opportunities and the trade-offs they have to consider. This creates an atmosphere of partnership and a shared understanding of the risks and rewards in the software development project.
For all our application development clients, our Agile approach provides:

  • Rapid startup and deployment when timing is critical
  • Flexibility to adapt in a controlled environment when requirements change
  • An iterative development process that engages the client team directly
  • Continuous collaboration with your product team during the development cycle
  • Processes, practices, and tools adapted to the needs of your project and based on real-world commercial development experience
  • Integrated process training from our software development coaching practice