Application Management

IT infrastructure is the back-bone of an organization. To derive optimal performance, it is not enough to design your IT infrastructure and applications to provide the desired business outcomes. You must also ensure high availability, high performance and high service levels by putting in place robust IT services. The key challenge for IT organizations is to deliver efficient and high-quality services for managing IT, at optimal cost.

Our Application Management service offering provides organizations with a flexible set of solutions spanning the entire system life cycle.

Companies rely on IT systems to run their business operations and functions, reduce costs and to contribute value-added services to improve profitability. Our Application Management Services ensures you to benefit from the most cost-effective service delivery. Our key objectives are to help organizations focus on their core business issues, reduce costs, improve IT operational efficiency, accelerate time-to-market and free existing staff to focus on mission-critical initiatives.


By utilizing our Application Management service, organizations will see the following benefits:

  • Turn escalating, variable costs into planned fixed costs
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Guarantee service quality
  • Free internal resources to focus on the core business and new development initiatives
  • Gain access to our world-class resources, capabilities, methodologies, processes & tools
  • Share risks

Application Management Service Offerings

CentraLogic Application Management practice offers support services for applications, middleware platforms, and technologies.

Application operations
Includes 24×7 monitoring of applications for availability / performance / capacity, batch monitoring / management. Application service desk includes incident management activities such as incident recording, initial investigation of issues; tracking and escalation management, and closure; user administration and service reporting.

Production support
Involves a detailed analysis of incident, incident resolution, and problem management activities such as trend analysis, root cause analysis, known error establishment, and creation of RFC and break-fixes (excluding code changes).

Middleware product support
Includes product administration activities such as monitoring, user administration, application deployment, patch management, and configuration management for application infrastructure: Web servers / application servers, messaging infrastructure, content management, and DW / BI tools.

Release and change support
Comprises setting up of various test environments, release / change activities such as release coordination, emergency releases, build and code deployment, managing release calendar, and configuration management / SCM tool administration.