Native Mobile Apps

Native apps offer better performance and a responsive & fluid experience. User can navigate and act together with the app without experiencing any loading delays. They can boost speed and maximize features.

At CentraLogic, we design, develop and optimize native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phones.

Our native mobile application development services allow our clients to integrate a mobile app with their website, to offer new utilities to their customers and to send quick snippets of information.

Features of Native Apps

  • Developed specifically for the devices they live on.
  • Native apps are device specific apps that run directly on a mobile device.
  • Downloadable from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store.
  • Drive enhanced user experiences.
  • Optimized for speed and performance across devices.
  • Able to operate with or without Internet connectivity.

CentraLogic has a team of skilled mobile app developers, offering full service design and development of iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. Whether it’s a business application, an innovative new concept or even a 2D game, we have the expertise to cost effectively build your app.

Our app development capabilities include:

  • Paid Apps with In App purchases functionality and Ad Based Apps.
  • Development of Server components.
  • Native Apps that exploit device capabilities like Camera, Calendar, Contacts, Location, etc.
  • Apps that integrate with Facebook and Twitter.
  • We specialize in iOS and Android application development for enterprise (B2E), B2B and B2C needs. Enterprise business applications would be like field support apps, sales force automation, productivity apps, etc. We also develop custom B2C apps for customer engagement.

There are ample benefits in developing native mobile apps instead of responsive web apps to serve your mobile customer’s needs. The cost-benefit trade-off will depend largely on your specific market situation because developing native apps are costlier and more laborious than making a responsive mobile web application.

  • Richer user experience, and being able to use the multi touch features of the device.
  • Built-in Components, allows the capability to use device functions to full extent; like the GPS based location services, Camera, Bluetooth, Address Book, Calendar, Storage etc.
  • Ability to work in off line mode with full functionality.
  • Speed, with a fast graphics API and high end processors, can load data intensive screens and refreshes instantly.
  • Ease of use, because customers are already familiar with device features and usability.

Android has emerged as the platform of choice around the globe, due to which the demand for Android app development has sky-rocketed. We have highly skilled and creative minds with around half a decade of experience in designing & developing android apps.

iOS application development differs from other platforms since it has its own group of technologies. We offer a wide range of services in iOS Application Development. We have expertise developing iOS apps using the latest technologies available in the market.
We offer creative, efficient, cost-effective, standardized processes and user-friendly approach to Microsoft’s app development. Our quality assurance processes are highly effectual and we assure that your Windows app will be fully tested on many different kinds of Windows devices.