Open Source

CentraLogic holds expertise and experience in open source development as well as management services. Whether you need open source web development or web application development or web portal development – our team can deliver all sorts of services that you require.

Providing client-oriented services is the aim of CentraLogic open source development team. Thus, we render 100% customized solutions to our clients. Blending innovative ideas with modernized technology based approaches is the key of our success in this industry. We vow to remain creative, innovative and dedicated with each and every project so that our clients can be benefitted at the optimal level. CentraLogic is a one stop service provider for all sorts of open source development tasks.

Our Services

Open Source License and Code Analysis
Code and license analysis is the primary stage of any open source development projects. Many service providers do not include this phase in their service list, but being a professional company, we do include this basic yet imperative stage of open source development. We render management services with compliance software assets and government processes. We ensure auditing software to support M&A technical issues.

High End Customization
The reason why people choose open source development services is for the freedom of customization. Our open source development solution offers completely customized services to clients.
Fast Track Development Solutions
This is the era of 4G and 5G internet services. The world has become fast moving and to keep up with the pace of modern business scenario, we commit to
deliver fast track development process. Minimum time, but maximized output and accurate services are guaranteed at CentraLogic.

Open Source Projects Maintenance
If you are seeking maintenance and update for your open source services, rely on the proficiency of our team. We ensure services with top notch precision.