CentraLogic has developed a comprehensive but flexible approach to testing, based on testing best practices, industry standards and years of experience of software testing. Our methods include templates, tools and best practice for both waterfall and agile projects, for all of the different phases of testing within the software development lifecycle.

Exhaustive testing on anything more than the smallest system is impossible. To do exhaustive testing would mean that every path through the software and every enter-able data value under all possibilities and conditions would be tested. CentraLogic’s methodology allows for a more benefit based testing approach tailored to client specific requirements.

We are continuously revising our methods in line with new technologies and ways of working, in order to ensure they are kept up to date in the rapidly changing landscape of IT. The main objective of having a standard is to ensure that all projects we get involved in are run to the same high standard, no matter which of our employees are involved. Our methodology gives our consultants the knowledge and support structure they need in order to deliver testing projects to the high standards our clients have come to expect.

Our methodology covers the following test phases:

  • Automated and manual functional system testing
  • Web testing
  • Performance testing
  • Mobile app / web testing and mobile device compatibility testing

We have guidelines and templates for test strategies, plans, scripts, results, reports, supported by a range of tools where relevant.

CentraLogic carries out a rolling review of the software testing tools available on the marketplace, comparing them against each other and measuring their effectiveness for testing different kinds of system as tools are updated and new tools enter the market. We are best equipped with the right knowledge when deploying tools on projects and when clients come to us for advice.