Open Source


Change the way you work by adopting open source technologies to power up your IT environment.


At CentraLogic, we offer a comprehensive Open Source Development and Management Services that’ll help transform your business by giving you a competitive edge over your competitors. Our business-centric & client-oriented bespoke Open Source Development services, is aimed at helping businesses move over from obsolete IT infrastructure to the new age open source platform that provides greater flexibility, accessibility and reliability.


Switching over to this versatile platform can provide you with a higher return on your investment. As such, we can help you make the right decision by providing guidance through each and every step – right from the initial assessment and planning to development, deployment and beyond.

Benefits of Using Open Source Technology:

It is absolutely free to use and requires basic to zero licensing.

It helps minimize the development time, thereby reducing the overall cost of development.

Open source technology offers greater flexibility, wherein, one can modify & change it based on their individual requirements.

Building an application using this technology is easy. Plus, these software/application can work across all major platforms seamlessly.

Lastly, since it is the most popular technology in use today, it offers greater security from common cyber threats.

Through our in-depth experience and technical expertise, we provide the best solutions as per specific business needs and requirements. Our talented team is well-versed in building web-based applications using open source technologies and are skilled enough to handle all small and big projects with equal efficiency.

Open Source Development Services We Offer


Apache Tomcat


Apache Lucene

Apache Solr

Apache James

Thus, contact us if you are seeking the best open source software development agency, who offers high-quality solutions in a quick turnaround time.